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Based on the results from the case studies, the cross-case analysis and design hubs the project is developing a training course for teachers on education for sustainable development with a specific focus on whole-school and all-day schooling approaches. The course will cover 11 modules divided across three different levels. Each module will contain videos of good practices, informative videos, links to teaching resources, and will provide reflection and challenge tasks to be completed by the participants.  The course will start in February 2024 and run for 18 weeks.  

What will the teacher training course provide?  

  • A flexible and free online program for teachers and schools in primary and secondary education. 
  • Opportunities for collaboration and exchanges with teachers, both from your own country and with teachers in the partner countries (i.e., Austria, Germany, Norway and Portugal). 
  • Teaching resources. 
  • Opportunities to highlight and share good practices from the partner countries (i.e., Austria, Germany, Norway and Portugal). 
  • Strengthen collaborative and active learning approaches. 
  • Build knowledge, competencies and pedagogical approaches for sustainability in a holistic manner to support transformative learning. 
  1. School-level: This level consisting of four modules, will focus on integrating Education for Sustainable Development as a whole-school or all-day school approach throughout the school. This module will give introductions to key concepts and support the schools vision and mission as either an all-day school or with a whole-school approach.   
  1. Teacher-level: This level consisting of three modules, supports the teacher’s role as guide or facilitator and provides examples on how to plan interdisciplinary collaboration in teaching. The module also explains which sustainability competencies the activities promote.  
  1. Student-level: This level consisting of three modules, supports the teacher’s role in promoting student participation and the benefits students will experience from being taught in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way. The module therefore explains how to provide real world examples to engage students on their level and how to achieve active participation. The student’s perspective and opinions are given a significant role in these modules. 

Am I required to complete all 10 modules when I take the course?  

  • Teachers and schools can choose to take a selection of modules and are not required to take the entire program. Individuals who complete the full program will be awarded a certificate upon completion. 
  • Schools may also take the full course as a team (with individual persons responsible for different parts or levels) and receive a school certificate. 

For more information, please keep visiting the SustainAll project website or contact:  christiana.glettler@pph-augustinum.at