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SustainAll –
Transform your school
for a sustainable future

A digital course to strengthen the integration of sustainability in all levels: school, teacher and student. FREE!

About the course:

Each module contains:

The course has three levels: school, teacher and pupil.

Module 1 introduces the entire course, theories and models are presented.

This level introduces the course, its key terms and concepts and helps connect theory to practice. It focusses on the integration of Education for Sustainable Development as a whole-school or all-day school approach and supports the schools vision and mission as either an all-day school or with a whole-school approach.


Focuses on the integration of education for sustainable development in the classroom. You will reflect on the teacher’s role, work with teacher as facilitator, and look at different ways to plan and organise interdisciplinary teaching. You will also explore the Sustainable Development Goals as educational goal for teaching.

Focuses on the learning processes and the meaning of education for sustainable development for learners. Amongst which you will learn to facilitate collaborative and active learning, and where learning is connected to real-world examples to engage learners on their level and activate them as change agents in their local community. Student participation is the main focus of these modules.

Module 11 summarises the contents and encourages further school development processes.