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Modellschule Graz

The Modellschule Graz is an all-day private grammar school focusing on arts. The school is located in Graz, the second biggest city in Austria, and was founded in 1983. 35 teachers and 17 school employees work at the school, and approximately 300 students aged 11 to 18 attend the school. The school aims to be a model for an alternative way of doing schooling.





Below you will find quotes from the teachers, the school team and the students:

About schooling and sustainablity

“I want what happens here to have a lasting impact on the lives of our students”

“…that learning is improved so that the students learn out of their own interest […]. Our school is about learning to learn, personal development, and breaking down old systems”

“I would just like that when the students go out, that they somehow take a lot of competencies with them: How can I deal better with myself? How can I deal better with others? How can I solve conflicts better? How can I approach a wide variety of issues in a solution-oriented way? For me, that is sustainability”

 “that later you don’t go around with your elbows and a not-caring attitude. I think it’s important that students practice socially here with teamwork […], that you simply manage to work together on something, and I think that’s the important thing […]. We can only manage the climate together, all together, and no one as a lone fighter”


About ESD

“Biology. That’s where I really look to make sure that nature and reality is still there with them in the learning process and that they go out with me and go into the garden and look for insects in the garden or what plants and trees we have in the garden”.


About the whole-school approach

“I believe that the topic of sustainability is lived in a very integrative way in the school, definitely. If we look in the kitchen: Just last year there was another request for one less meat-free day, so in the meantime there is only meat twice a week”


Mastering challenges

“…to win people over to what I want to do […]. That’s difficult, but it’s actually also a good challenge. I’ve certainly learned a lot from that.”