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Design Hubs took place in each partner country from March to May 2023. Headmasters, teachers and pupils from the participating project schools took part. Other guests from school authorities participated and were actively involved.

SustainALL aims to developing an online teacher training course to promote ESD in a whole school and all day approach.

The Design Hubs guarantee gives a voice to school administrators, teachers and students within the iterative course design. In this way, their needs and different expectations are already considered during the course deveolpment phase.

The Design Hub method is based on a design thinking framework offering a wide range of participation during the course design and production.


The Design Hub program included four main steps:

(1) Bird’s-eye view of the objectives.

(2) Location and target identification for each participating school from a close-up perspective

(3) A shift as a change management process from a creative perspective

(4) and finally working on a theory-practice transfer from the panorama perspective

In mixed groups, the participants develop initial ideas for the

  • Accessibility & user management
  • on the contents
  • to the material and the quality and variance
  • the implementation
  • on monitoring and exchange
  • and collect other ideas

on the general design of the Teacher Training course.

In homogeneous school groups, the participants develop concrete perspectives for a desired change management at their school. These ideas help in the development and selection of relevant content areas for the teacher training course.

In the third step, the results from the case studies of the individual schools and the current ideas from the Design Hub are brought together, discussed and supplemented.


At the end of each Design Hub workshop, the panorama perspective was taken again and visions for successful work in ESD schools were formulated.

The results of the Design Hubs show commonalities, but also differences in the needs and expectations of different schools and countries.

A lot of valuable perspectives were gathered for the design and the development of the teacher training course.