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Stromberg Gymnasium


We are the future!

This is the motto of our school community, because we want to take responsibility for an environment worth living in and for a successful society of tomorrow. In addition to our grammar school education, we attach great importance to the holistic development of our students’ personalities, so that they can develop their potential and shape their future in a personally strengthened manner.


cooperation room – Future! WorldWideWe

Green Schoolyard -Biodiversity Action Plan

A green classroom will be created here – planned by the pupils


Freedom quotes – Interviews with the leadership team, students and teacher:

“Yes, because without this freedom, and the freedom concerns the teachers as much as the pupils, it remains somehow very exhausting.” (Leadership Team)

“And within this project work, to be able to open up the freedom and I need the freedom when it comes to the topic of personal responsibility, for example, promoting individual learning paths and so on and so forth.”(Leadership Team)

“So, for me, that is the central adjusting screw, where can we create free spaces, small and large, in the school?” (Leadership Team)

“Because without free space I’m in a very rigid corset, I have no air to breathe and my body can’t develop the way it wants to.” (Leadership Team)

“And that is precisely the art now, not on top school development, but school development in order to become freer again, to release resources, to re-establish a balance. “(Leadership Team)

“On the one hand, I understand this to mean that it is really anchored in the educational plans that pupils learn in relation to everyday life, that they are made fit for a sustainable future and that there is then also freedom within the educational plan to learn in relation to projects or according to one’s own interests. On the other hand, the second track of ESD is also the participation of young people, of pupils in political decision-making processes through firmly established advisory boards, for example the State Pupils’ Advisory Board or also the SMV in the school, that this is also strengthened.”( student)

“So in the next school year a school development team will be implemented, for example, where pupils, teachers, the school management and parents can talk together about how we can break down walls within the system that is given to us, so that we can develop so freely here at the school.” ( student)

“And yes, we also have a lot of freedom to actually get involved, so participation is extremely good here at school, so we can simply approach the school management and then we can also implement something, so to speak.”( student)

“And at school it’s about all pupils really getting the freedom and learning exactly what they want to learn.” ( student)

“So, if you take that seriously, on the one hand more freedom, more individualisation, so also this free school, where you decide yourself, so to speak, how do I learn?” ( student)